The Corporate Reports provide an overview of SK Jewellery Group operational and financial performance, key achievements, milestones and sustainability efforts during the financial year. As a leading and established jeweller, the Group continuously challenge ourselves and innovate to meet the changing needs and aspirations of our customers.


SKG Sustainability Report 2019

Moving forward, our continued success is contingent on the ability to keep abreast of global developments, continuous innovation of business processes and meeting the long-term needs of all our stakeholders.

As we move into the new decade, the topic of sustainability has become increasingly important. In the age of global economic volatility, climate change concerns have come to the forefront of what consumers expect. In our 2019 Sustainability Report, we outline our refreshed sustainability strategy, highlighting some of the activities our company has done on the economic, social, and environmental fronts.

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As the leading jewellery retailer in Singapore, SK Jewellery Group Limited and together with its subsidiaries strive to create long-term value for its stakeholders. In 2018, the Group released its inaugural Substainability Report. Our commitment towards running a responsible business requires a delicate balancing of the long-term interests of our employees, planet and profitability.

This year’s report aims to highlight the Group’s on-going progress in its sustainability efforts, as well as its near-term strategies and long-term approaches towards sustainability.

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