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Andrina Luo

Working in SK Jewellery Group has been a rewarding journey as I get to explore different roles from customer service to corporate relations. What is even more meaningful is to have a great bunch of colleagues who are always there for me. Together with our shared dedication, we work hard and play hard to obtain the best for the company.

Tina Lim

A day in SK Jewellery Group is never dull. We work closely as a team to create exceptional jewellery designs, discover new jewellery crafting technology and challenge ourselves to achieve the impossible. There are always plenty of opportunities for overseas exposure when working with international partners and this allows me to broaden my horizon and grow as a person.

Mia Lu

SK Jewellery is always more than a pay cheque to me. I love meeting people, interacting with people. Listening to customers who share about their love stories or to hear about what a customer has planned for an exciting proposal. To have that kind of interaction is what brings me back every day.

David Loh

Our management is always supportive in providing us with the best environment for excellence. We design learning and development programmes to train our staff in product knowledge, sales techniques and customer service. The managers work closely with the retail team to mentor and guide them. Here at SK Jewellery Group, we work together and grow together as a team.

Jane Bauyon

To excel in Love & Co. retail, it is important to understand what we are recommending to customers and love what we are promoting. We constantly remind ourselves to stay driven and motivated because at the end of the day, our hard work here will always be recognised and appreciated by our team leader and management.

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Meet our people and hear what our retail ambassadors have to say! At SK Jewellery Group, we stay true to our customers and attend to all their needs. We share a common passion in service and work together as a team to provide the best for the company. Embark on an exciting retail career with SK Jewellery Group as we go beyond to inspire the marketplace.

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At SK Jewellery Group, you can look forward to working with a team of people who are customer-minded, who possess determination to continually meet ever changing needs of our consumers and go beyond to inspire the marketplace. We are looking for outstanding individuals who have a passion in jewellery and retail industry. If you are up for a fun and challenging work environment to realise your full potential, we welcome you to join the SK Jewellery Group family. Plus! We now have flexi-work arrangements. Join our world of brilliance! Explore a rewarding career with us.

Be part of our dynamic team and join the SK Jewellery Group family so that we can grow together in the business and in our personal journeys. You may contact us to enquire about career opportunities, or fill in the online application form.


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Email: [email protected]
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