Established in 2016, SK Bullion is your trusted one-stop bullion service provider, offering a wide array of precious metal products ranging from tax-free bullion bars and
coins to collectibles and gifts. We provide secure storage solutions for your precious metals and one-stop trading platform where you can buy, sell, store and track your precious gold and silver at your convenience.

Bullion refers to precious metals such as gold, silver and platinum traded in the market. They are highly liquid physical assets with everlasting value that provides good wealth hedge and protection. Let your investment dollars reach their full potential and build a solid portfolio today!

Our products are sourced from reputable refineries that fall under the Good Delivery List accredited by London Bullion Market Association which provides quality assurance of internationally recognised bullion.

Store your precious metals with a peace of mind in a safe jurisdiction with SK Bullion secure storage solutions. Equipped with 24/7security system, our storage solution is fully insured, 100% audited and convenient to meet your precious metal needs.

Located at the heart of trade flow, Singapore is the world’s most stable wealth management hub and the safest jurisdiction to trade and store precious metals. Investment grade precious metals are exempted from Goods and Service Tax and require no reporting requirement in Singapore. International Enterprise Singapore also works closely with Singapore Bullion Market Association and World Gold Council to promote Asian bullion market internationally.