Established in 2003, SK Jewellery was created with the belief that the beauty, luxury and allure of high-quality jewellery should be attainable to all modern women.
Putting great emphasis on innovation and design excellence, SK Jewellery quickly become known as the contemporary jeweller famed for its high quality and exquisitely beautiful diamond jewellery.


In 2012, SK Jewellery debuted as the industry leaders in 999 Pure Gold jewellery, boldly combining art and tradition to create the most stunning 999 Pure Gold jewellery pieces. With the immensely popular 999 Pure Gold Bridal collection and creative gift collections, we revived great interest in the precious metal, and re-defined the art of gifting with our intricate jewellery that is conceptualised with inspirational stories behind each and every piece. Each SK Jewellery piece is Beautifully Crafted, Meaningfully Told.


Dedication to providing the market with exquisite jewellery at exceptional value, and commitment to innovation with state-of-the-art jewellery-making techniques have defined what SK Jewellery stands for, and gave the brand its strong competitive edge over others. Also established as the industry leader in 999 Pure Gold jewellery, SK Jewellery boldly combines art and tradition to create the most stunning 999 Pure Gold Jewellery pieces and items available in market today. By direct sourcing of materials, we are able to offer you the best products of the utmost quality and value.


As the largest jewellery retail chain store in Singapore, SK Jewellery provides you the convenience to shop conveniently all across the island. Our commitment to innovation coupled with artisanal jewellery-making skills provide you with beautiful pieces that makes for the perfect gift for any occasion. Click here to find out more.