Star Carat Shop

A new star is born. The Star Carat Diamond is a new diamond alternative we are bringing to our consumers on top of our mined-diamonds. Now everyone can own a 1 carat diamond at half the price. Best is, these diamonds are triple cut excellence and are internationally certified.

A new sparkle, made possible with science

The Star Carat Shop story begins with the belief that everyone deserves to shine, and there’s no better way to shine than with a beautiful and affordable lab-grown diamond. We’re bringing clarity to this new alternative – a new, beautiful choice that’s made possible with science and technology. Being in the jewellery business for over 30 years, our belief has always been celebrating our customers’ best and special moments in life with beautiful diamonds and jewellery of unrivalled quality.

With this in mind, Star Carat Shop has established strong partnerships with some of the most technologically advanced diamond growers, to offer you a selection of exceptional one-carat lab grown diamonds that are affordably priced.

Star Carat Diamond Rings

Diamonds jewellery is a symbol of life’s special moments. At Star Carat Shop, we believe in offering you the choice of selecting one of our lab grown diamonds, graded and certified using the same process as natural diamonds.

Star Carat Diamond

Our lab grown diamonds are priced as much as 50% lower than mined diamonds of comparable specifications (the 4 C’s). Available in Singapore, we believe that our carefully hand-picked lab grown diamonds offer you a choice, to choose the best diamond for you that you can be assured of its quality and value.

Star Carat Shop Showroom

From budget to size, to just wanting to know more about lab-grown diamonds, the team at Star Carat Shop would be happy to guide, educate and just chat with you to ensure that you get your dream diamond.